Designed for the age of independents

Designed for the age of independents

Something incredibly powerful happens when a person or a group of people take a risk and go after a dream. The world has always been moved forward by those dreamers and what they created.

Today that world is changing. Modern risks can feel greater and the barriers higher. There’s a ton of information out there, but also a lot of noise.

Despite the risks, we press forward—millions of us try and start our own business each year, the majority doing it for the first time.

Most of us are not business people. We learn the business-side so we can focus on the things we love and do best. The learning curve can be steep and the bruises are real.

We created because we believe that going independent doesn’t have to mean going it alone. We’re here to consolidate the best approaches and smooth the way; to help the process feel a little more achievable and a lot more like you. All of our content is free to use and share, and it will stay that way.*

We hope you’ll enjoy this first version and find it useful. Sign up to the mailing list for updates and please send feedback to

We can’t wait to see what you dream up.

*Free? What’s the deal? All of our content is free and will remain so. We are paid a commission on sales of products in the marketplace.

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